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Striving for Greater Sustainability at Our Childcare Centre

At The Cubbyhouse Childcare Palmerston North we reckon that your tamariki are never too young to start a good habit. We like to use our time together to have lots of fun, and oftentimes while we are enjoying ourselves, we are learning valuable behaviours around sustainability. Sustainability simply means that we live in the world in a way that means the next lot will have access to all the great resources that we enjoy now.

Let’s Use Things Again

There are lots of simple things we can do at daycare – and at home – to make sure that when your little ones are in the driver’s seat with their own kids, that the world is still a beautiful place to be. Some of the ways we practice sustainability at The Cubbyhouse Palmerston North revolve around what we do with things when they are no longer useful in the way they were when we first bought them.

Keep The Kitchen Tidy

This means that when something comes to our daycare in a jar or a plastic container we might use it in a different way when it’s empty. At The Cubbyhouse Childcare Palmerston North we have lots of ways we can reuse a container – especially one with a lid. If we keep a jar in the kitchen we can use it to store things that need to be airtight, this is great for things like sugar, spices, nuts and seeds, even rice and pasta if the jar is big enough.

Arts and Crafts

Early learning is all about make and do. We love to get into a bit of crafting and old containers are just the ticket for storing buttons and beads, sequins and sand, and that old favourite, macaroni! If we are doing a bit of painting at The Cubbyhouse Childcare Palmerston North we can use old drink bottles cut down to pop our paint and brushes in, if you keep the tops you can tape them on to save the paint that doesn’t get use.

Growing Stronger Together

In the garden there is lots of scope for recycling, we can use tetris packs to plant seedlings out and egg cartons are fantastic for starting seeds off. Single use glad wrap can be tied on the top with a rubber band to create a greenhouse effect to get the seeds to germinate faster. Another fab idea for your daycare kid to try is using the top half of bottles as a sleeve over the new seedlings so they still get sun and moisture but the wind can’t get at them.

Our childcare centre loves to think up ways to utilise sustainable practices, get in touch with your tips and tricks – or ask The Cubbyhouse Early Childhood Centre Palmerston North to share theirs!

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