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Nutrition Programme for Thriving Minds and Active Bodies

Somethings Cooking in The Kitchen

At The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre Palmerston North, we believe that good nutrition is one of the essential building blocks for the growth and development of your child. In order for your tamariki to learn and grow strong, they must have great fuel. We are fortunate at our daycare to have a kitchen on-site where we can make gorgeous food for the whole CubbyHouse whanau for lunch, and for morning and afternoon tea.

We’ve Got You Covered

All our meals are designed along guidelines set by the NZ Heart Foundation specifically for our young ones, and we make sure that there are options that everyone can enjoy. We make dishes that use seasonal vegetables and we cover all the food groups, and we make sure there are some great alternatives for those tamariki at The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre Palmerston North that prefer a plant-based diet, or that may be dealing with sensitivities or allergies.

One Plus One Equals Delicious

Because we cook in our own kitchen there are lots of opportunities for our childcare crew to get involved. Maths and science are natural applications in the kitchen and we encourage all our childcare families to bring a menu home from the Nourish nutrition programme and have a go at one of our great child-friendly recipes. Getting your kids involved with measuring, pouring, and even getting the older ones to have a go at supervised cutting is a great way to connect with your kids.

Let’s Get Connected

Learning ways to take care of ourselves and others is part of the daycare journey at The CubbyHouse childcare Palmerston North. Food is such a great meeting point for families, where we can nurture each other and take the time to sit for a moment together and share stories from our day. We make mealtimes a quiet time at our preschool, this means we all sit at the table and we often have a dish that the children can serve themselves from.

You Can Do It!

We like to encourage confidence and independence around food, tamariki at our childcare are able to choose how much goes on to their plate, and everyone gets a chance to be part of the cleanup crew. Teaching children is often best done by example, so our teachers are right there at the table, modelling good manners and encouraging our daycare kids to be social in ways that don’t disrupt others.

We love to work together with your whanau to give your child the best possible start and getting kids involved helps them to feel valued. Let us know if you need any tips or tricks for getting those fussy eaters engaged at the table, at CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre Palmerston North we are here to help!

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