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Nurturing Green Fingers at The CubbyHouse Palmerston North

Did you know at The CubbyHouse Palmerston North we are lucky enough to have our very own garden? This is a place where we can work together to grow yummy vegetables for making meals and snacks in our daycare kitchen, and we can learn about what it takes to make our plants grow. Aside from the sun and the rain which do lots of the work for us, we teach our daycare kids about ways we can feed the soil to make our plants grow faster and stronger.

Round And Round It Goes

One of the ways we can add nutrients to the soil in our garden is to compost our scraps from the childcare kitchen, it’s quite cool when you think about it. For example, we can take one of our juicy lettuces from the garden into our childcare centre kitchen, slice it up and make a delicious salad for the daycare kids, then pop the unused pieces in the compost. Then down the line the lettuce scraps have rotted down to produce some great natural food for the earth, we mix it through the garden then we grow another lettuce!

Feed The Wriggly Worms

Another excellent way to break down scraps and produce food for our garden is to pop the scraps in our Worm Farm at our daycare in Palmerston North. Worms can eat vegetable and fruit scraps – and even a bit of soft paper. As they munch through the food they leave ‘casings’ in the soil and they produce liquid waste that we collect at the bottom of the farm. From time to time we harvest the soil and liquid from the bottom of the farm, and we use our garden fork to blend it with the dirt.

It’s The Circle of Life

As our vegetables grow and we harvest them for eating we may notice that each plant has a transformation process that it goes through, lots of times if we wait for the leafy green plants to flower, we may be able to collect the seeds that form at the end of the life cycle. If we harvest the seeds and pop them somewhere warm and dry, next year we may just have some free seeds to plant back into our daycare garden! Do you have somewhere at home you can grow food? Even a few pots on the doorstep may surprise you with their yield of herbs, it’s fun to watch things grow!

Get in touch with The CubbyHouse Palmerston North to take a look at our early childhood centre garden. This is one of the ways we help your tamariki to understand the way the world works, let’s grow healthy together!

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