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How Storypark Keeps Family and Friends Connected

Now more than ever it is important to branch out with our communications, to find ways to stay connected with whanau and friends – ways that add a little joy to the day. At The Cubbyhouse childcare centre in Palmerston North, we love to help whanau build stronger bonds and make your daycare day part of the wider expression of your connection with family and friends. One of the options that we offer all our childcare families is the Storypark App.

Apps Are Happening!

There is an App for everything these days! It’s a great way to be able to access information quickly or easily and the Storypark App just does that – and a bit more. When you drop your tamariki at The Cubbyhouse Palmerston North in the morning, the Storypark App is the smart way we can keep you in the loop throughout the day. This is an interactive platform where our kaiako (teachers) can post photos and videos of what your daycare kid is getting up to at our early childhood centre – and when we head out for excursions.

Stay In Touch

Sometimes drop off can be tough, as your little ones are often experiencing ‘firsts’ throughout their time at The Cubbyhouse childcare Palmerston North. You want to stay connected and share these moments, but you have obligations to meet, enter Storypark! Now you can see firsthand what your tamariki are making and doing across the day, you can look at art, see us on excursions, watch as kids help in the kitchen with a bit of yummy baking…the sky’s the limit.

Extend Your Storypark Circle

When you download the Storypark App you get to see all the cool stuff we are doing across the daycare day, but there is more to it than that. With Storypark you can invite your wider circle of family and friends to sign up to the App too, then you can allow them to see the posts you know they will enjoy, and they can ‘like’ photos and stories and leave comments for your tamariki to see. This is such a great way to keep grandparents feeling like they are involved in the day to day experiences your tamariki are enjoying at The Cubbyhouse Palmerston North.

Notices Get Noticed

Storypark has a few other useful features too, you know that collection of crumpled bits of paper that used to end up in the bottom of the bag? Storypark digitises our notices, you can set up notifications and alerts, and you will be helping to reduce our paper waste. This helps us to run a more sustainable daycare centre, and it means you are less likely to miss out on awesome events we have coming up.

If you need a hand getting set up with the Storypark App please let us know, we are all working together at The Cubbyhouse Palmerston North to grow strong connections and resilient communities.

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