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Helping Children to Get Themselves Ready in The Morning

At The Cubbyhouse Palmerston North, we know it can be a struggle to get out the door some mornings! Some whanau have kids heading off in different directions and grown-ups that need to be on time for work at opposite ends of Palmerston North. Because we provide food for your Tamariki as part of our fees at our early childhood centre, you can take your preschooler’s lunch off the to-do list in the morning. We believe you can also get your child working on getting themselves ready to walk out the door with minimal fuss with some minor adjustments.

Little Shifts Can Add Up to Big Changes

Think about some of the tasks that cause friction or stress when you’re in a hurry to get to The Cubbyhouse Palmerston North in the morning. For instance, looking for shoes, coats, drink bottles, and bags can waste a lot of time when you’re in a hurry. Think about the area around your front door, is there room for a shelf? Cubbyholes, hooks, and cane boxes for each person are a good start – even one big box for your everyday shoes may be a good jumping-off point. Also, water bottles can be filled after dinner and all put together in the veggie bin in the fridge.

Start A New Habit

It is widely thought that starting a good habit takes around 21 days to cement itself as an automatic behaviour. That’s only three weeks! Imagine if your daycare kid could pack their own water bottle into a bag that hangs by the front door three weeks from now. What if they could pop on their coat and also know exactly where the shoes are? Do you think that would make a difference? How about if the rest of the family could manage this too? At our Palmerston North daycare, we believe it’s worth a try.

Zips, Buttons & Laces

Once your daycare kid can find their essentials in the morning, it may be time to push a little further. Teaching your little ones to put on their socks and shoes is a big deal; if they can have a bit of time to practice tying their laces when it’s not urgent, you may be surprised how quickly they pick it up. Buttons and zips can be tricky for tiny fingers, but at our Palmerston North childcare, we notice that when your child can navigate these small tasks, their self-confidence grows – and it will make getting out of the house in the morning much more manageable!

It’s all about figuring out what works best for your Cubbyhouse Palmerston North whanau, and we are happy to give you some tips and tricks or support your daycare kid with forming a great new habit. Let’s work together to make mornings easier.

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