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Ensuring a Simple Transition from Daycare to School

Moving from daycare to primary school is one of the big moments in your child’s life. At The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre Palmerston North we are here to help this transition go as smoothly as possible, for your child – and for you. There are lots of little things that you can do as a whanau to make sure that confidence is at an all-time high as that first day of school approaches.

Little Skills That Add Up to Big Confidence

Our childcare centre is set up to provide your tamariki with everything they need to prepare them for those big moves out into the world. Our learning and play is often focused on gaining an understanding of skills that will be relevant for their primary education. The CubbyHouse Palmerston North also has different rooms for different age groups, so our older members are specifically taught in ways that will ensure they are ready when the time comes for them to move on.

Working and Playing Effectively

At our daycare in Palmerston North, we teach tamariki how to get ready to focus, how to speak up when they need help, and how to be with their fellow learners in ways that work for all. We approach the daycare day with a structure that sets your tamariki up for school, where there is time to play and time to concentrate, we learn that sometimes are quiet times and that we all need to take breaks and eat healthy snacks to perform at our best.

Tools For the Team

There are a few practical skills which are essential for your child to have mastered by the time they leave the daycare environment. These are things that naturally get taught at home and that we try and underline at The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre. Every child moves at their own pace with growth and development, but here is one essential way to get your little learner ready for a new environment.

Practical Tips
It is important that your child can take themselves to the bathroom before they start school. Knowing how to take care of their own toilet needs, and how to properly wash up and leave the space clean for the next person is a great skill that is going to take some stress out of those early days for your new school entrant. Mastering this one simple thing is a good jumping off point to build your child’s readiness for school.

At The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre Palmerston North we are always here to help, feel free to call or email with any questions or suggestions, we are working together to make chidcare great!

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