Helping Children to Get Themselves Ready in The Morning

At The Cubbyhouse Palmerston North, we know it can be a struggle to get out the door some mornings! Some whanau have kids heading off in different directions and grown-ups that need to be on time for work at opposite […]

Nurturing Green Fingers at The CubbyHouse Palmerston North

Did you know at The CubbyHouse Palmerston North we are lucky enough to have our very own garden? This is a place where we can work together to grow yummy vegetables for making meals and snacks in our daycare kitchen, […]

How Storypark Keeps Family and Friends Connected

Now more than ever it is important to branch out with our communications, to find ways to stay connected with whanau and friends – ways that add a little joy to the day. At The Cubbyhouse childcare centre in Palmerston […]

Striving for Greater Sustainability at Our Childcare Centre

At The Cubbyhouse Childcare Palmerston North we reckon that your tamariki are never too young to start a good habit. We like to use our time together to have lots of fun, and oftentimes while we are enjoying ourselves, we […]

Nutrition Programme for Thriving Minds and Active Bodies

Somethings Cooking in The Kitchen At The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre Palmerston North, we believe that good nutrition is one of the essential building blocks for the growth and development of your child. In order for your tamariki to learn […]

Ensuring a Simple Transition from Daycare to School

Moving from daycare to primary school is one of the big moments in your child’s life. At The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre Palmerston North we are here to help this transition go as smoothly as possible, for your child – […]

Four Ways our Childcare Centre Helps Children Grow Their Independence

The journey from helpless baby to independent preschooler is a significant one. While a lot of changes along the way happen naturally, there are also many things both at home and at daycare that can be done to foster and […]

The First 5 Years of Learning in Early Childhood Education

The first five years of a child's life are very significant and influential, not just for their development but also for ensuring they are supported to land on the right pathway for future success. Simple experiences that you see happen [...]